Our Safety Culture

Safety for our clients, subcontractors, employees, and the general public is the #1 priority here at R. Carlson & Sons. Each and every one of our workers is expected to do their part in maintaining the highest standards of safety in the workplace, so they're able to go home healthy and unharmed to their families every single day. We take great pride in preparing our employees to respond to all potential construction hazards and believe that safety is our greatest competitive advantage.                

Communication on job sites is quintessential to safe work. Speaking up about any issue, big or small, is crucial. Although big jobs with many subcontractors working at once may be stressful, our employees are never afraid to stop work on site regarding a safety issue or concern.

This is our culture of safety. It has been ingrained in our DNA for more than 70 years and is the reason why we can do what we do. 

Our Commitment to Safety

We strive to be the safest general contractor and excavation subcontractor in the construction industry. Through a plethora of safety training courses, our Safety Coordinator leads our employees to a deeper understanding of construction safety, with a heavy emphasis on practical application, leading to a safe work environment.

Our world-class comprehensive Safety Training Program includes:

    • OSHA 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Work Training and 8-Hour Refresher (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120)
    • OSHA 10-Hour for Construction Training
    • American Petroleum Institute Training (API)
    • Excavation Competent Person Training
    • Confined Space Entry Training
    • Fall Protection Competent Person Training
    • Scaffold Competent Person Training
    • Forklift Operator Training
    • CPR, First Aid, and AED Training
    • Respiratory Protection Training
    • Hazard Communication Training
    • Medical Surveillance Compliance (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120)
    • Random Drug and Alcohol Training
    • Motor Vehicle Safety Training
    • Fire Extinguisher Training
    • General Safety Training                                       


In addition to this list of training, our Project Supervisors give weekly tool-box talks & perform safety audits for our team. This ensures that employees are aware of the possible dangers that may occur both on and off of the site, and how to prepare and safeguard against them.

The construction industry can be extremely dangerous, and being properly trained can save somebody's life. That's why here at R. Carlson & Sons, We Dig Safety!

Written By: Paul Sieczkowski, Technology Specialist & Bill Sieczkowski III, Program Manager

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